Who we are

devoted team
A strong, devoted team all with the desire to offer high quality services and quality
Products, for various applications across all market sectors.
Business people in a board room meeting
Being a family owned and family run throughout the years, has built a family ethos through

out all levels of the company which has resulted in outstanding levels of customer service,
Dedication to quality and commitment to customer requirements.

We pride ourselves on offering a professional, personal and consistent service to our clients.

We provide a full design, supply and installation service of high specification. Cost effective Refrigeration and Air Conditioing Products and Services especially Cold rooms and Cold
Storage facilities incorporating many energy saving solutions for leading UK catering companies and direct customer. We also provide Heat Transfer Solution and Proper Ventilation and
Air Conditioing.

From the initial site survey, Wood Stone strives to provide the end user with exactly what is
required. We will offer money saving solutions to consider, which maybe in the Client’s initial thought process was not aware of all the possibilities.

Global business


Woodstone specialize in Five Distinct area or Sectors:


The first one is being the provision of refrigerated storage to satisfy both frozen and chilled demands


The second area is the application of high efficiency cooling Systems utilizing the natural refrigerant
like CO2, Propane and Ammonia.


The third area is the Design and installation of Air Conditioning and Industrial cooling systems.


The fourth area is that we are specialized in Single and two phase Flow Heat Transfer and Heat
Exchangers (Shell and Tubes, Brazed, Plate Heat Exchangersm Semi Welded Heat Exchangers and FullyWelded Heat Exchangers) and full usage of Heat Recovery.


The Fifyh is Complete Building Services
These systems are provided on a design, specification and installation basis supported by a wealth of experience that encompasses many differing industry sectors and application types.