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– St. Bartholomews Hospital (London) – Royal Free Hospital (Surrey) – Coppits Wood Hospital – Keycol Hospital and Eastbourne District Hospital – South Thames Transfusion centre – St George Hospital (London)


– Wisemann (Manchester) – Coomb Farm (Ashford) – Fountain Dairy Products (Ripon Cheese Factory) – Nestlé (500kW, Milk by- product, Dalsto) – Kraft Chesse factory.

Food Processing

– Birds Eye Walls (1350kW, Rye Valley, Ireland) – Kerry Food (650kW, Burton on Trent) – Oriental Food (600kW, London) – Nestlé (Hays) – CO2 Coffee Processing Plant (Heathrow) – Patisserie Francaise (Queensway) – Victoria Place Plaza (London) – Refrigeration plants for chicken Factory (Jeddah, Dammam, Mecca, Medina and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, 1998 till …

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– Marks & Spenser (London and the South East) – Co-op (Hove) – Morrison (Bradford) – Sainsbury (Horsham and Hay dock, 3500kW – Tesco (Didcot , Chepstow) – Asda (Milton Keynes) – Wal-Mart (Milton Keynes)